Humidity cabinet SD serie Update is possible

Convert your existing humidity cabinet to the current standard humidity SD serie version.

Samples, reagents, specialty glass, sensitive and calibrated laboratory equipment can be safely stored in humidity controlled cabinets. Critical reagents and control samples can change with time, temperature and humidity causing inaccurate results. Out-of-tolerance calibrations yield unusable data.

Older humidity cabinet can be updated.


Humidity cabinet

Humidity cabinet

Humidity4U is predictive site about humidity cabinets and technical solutions for the renovation of the existing cabinets, in the form of a technical adjustment.

The adjustment is simple and efficiënt.

Let us know if you have a exsiting SD Humidity cabinet, and you want this cabinet updated.

Mail to:

After this adjustment and the cabinet has been updated the spec are like this:

Medium to Long Term storage cabinet with Ultra-low Humidity

Humidity cabinet SD 151-02 series are equipped with 1 patened dry unit. To constantly maintain the ultra-low humidity to minimumof 2% RH to meet IPC(J-STD-033) demands. And are ideal for the moistureproof and anti-oxidatoin storage of next items:

  1. Storage of all kinds of Integrated Circuits and Silicon Wafers etc
  2. Storage of PDP Inspection Equipments and Liquid Crystal Cleaning Equipments etc
  3. Storage of Aerospace related Instruments and Tools
  4. Storage of Optional Equipments and Digital Media
  5. Storage of Cultural Assets











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